For professionals looking to take the next step in their careers at a dynamic international organization.

Aspiring candidates are advised to consult IACA’s Staff Rules at an early stage. The Staff Rules reflect most of the principles and values applicable to other international organizations but, nevertheless, do not necessarily represent the UN Common System.

Please note that - as is the case with other intergovernmental organizations - appointments with IACA on posts AD/AC graded from 1 to 7 are exclusive with no outside employment or occupation being authorized. For other appointments, the authorization is routinely handled restrictively.

Current openings


Job Title   Closing date
Strategic Partnerships Officer (seconded)   31 May 2020
Legal Advisor (seconded)   31 May 2020
Senior Facility Coordinator   31 May 2020
Driver (English, German)   31 May 2020
Senior Researcher   30 June 2020
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