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IACA provides practical and theoretical learning, converging best practices and highly qualified teachers who promote contemporary reflections. In addition, students enjoy networking with professionals from around the world and from different levels bringing the two main players against corruption- the public and private sectors.

Marlos Correa Da Costa Gomes – Senior Anti-Corruption Compliance Advocate, Renova Foundation, Brazil

From IACA’s workshop I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge about the best practices to combat corruption, which will allow me to improve my contribution in the fight against corruption in Kyrgyzstan.

Tilek Murzakulov, Senior Prosecutor, General Prosecution’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic

Through its programmes in general and the MACS in particular, IACA is becoming a key player in the global efforts against corruption. The MACS curriculum reflects well the understanding that corruption needs a multidisciplinary and complex approach. The programme also strongly encourages knowledge exchange not only between the trainer and the students but also between the students themselves. This is particularly valuable because students come from different countries and sectors and I have directly observed how exchanges between them catalyze creative analysis of entrenched problems and they all benefit from exposure to different local settings.

Alexandra Malina Manea, Legal Counsel, World Bank, Office of Suspension and Debarment

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After more than five years of practical experience in the field, a more scientific approach to combatting corruption is a great addition to my knowledge. Learning from very experienced and well-known professors, as well as from all the capabilities of my classmates, makes the MACS a unique programme. The multidisciplinary approach on corruption makes the programme interesting to follow for two years; in some modules I can use my background to add something to the sessions, in others I can learn a lot from the skills and knowledge of others.

Moniek Hutten, Technical Consultant at FIOD, Anti-Corruption Centre, Netherlands

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Laxenburg/Vienna, Austria  |  T: +43 2236 710 718 101

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