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The IACA library comprises a vast collection of resources covering various subject areas, with a special focus on anti-corruption. It offers print publications as well as access to databases and journals, providing thousands of scholarly articles and resources.


The databases are a significant resource for academic research. The collections include thousands of full text, peer-reviewed, indexed and abstract scholarly articles from all disciplines. Access is limited to IACA students, researchers, and members of faculty and staff.

All workstations at IACA provide automatic access to the licensed databases. For remote access, an IACA ID and PIN are required.


By following link bellow, I confirm to have read and understood the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use are subject to change at the discretion of IACA. IACA reserves the right to grant / refuse access at any given time without explanation.

Open Access Publications

Full-text academic publications that are available free of charge, can be accessed through the websites listed below. Some websites and links provide direct access to academic publications, while others require a free registration.

All resources which have unrestricted access are also protected by copyright and subject to the terms of use stipulated by the provider. In these cases please note the terms of use laid down by the respective resource provider.

See the websites list
African Journals Online     http://www.ajol.info    Provides access to African-published scholarly journals.
Open Access
ANTICORRP  http://anticorrp.eu/ Carries the increasing output of the large-scale research project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program.
Open Access
Anti-Corruption Authorities


Provides access to a database of publications that touch on Anti-corruption Authorities related issues.
Open Access
Anti-Corruption for Development    http://www.anti-corruption.org/ UN web platform that provides open access to information and knowledge related to the latest efforts to address corruption prevention.
Open Access
Basel Institute on Governance


Provides access to working papers, commissioned studies and to some articles and  publications released by the institute.

Open Access

Bentham Science Publishers http://www.benthamscience.com Provides access to journals in a variety of categories.
Open Access
Bielefield Academic Search Engine http://www.base-search.net    Provides access to academic articles.
Open Access
Center for the Study of Democracy http://www.csd.bg/ Provides access to the books, papers and data produced by the CSD.
Open Access
CORE (Connecting Repositories)    http://core.kmi.open.ac.uk Provides access to scholarly publications distributed across a variety of systems.
Open Access
Directory of Open Access Books    http://www.doabooks.org    Provides open access to academic, peer reviewed books.
Open Access
Directory of Open Access Journals http://www.doaj.org Provides open access to scientific and scholarly journals.
Open Access
European Partners against Corruption http://www.epac-eacn.org/ Provides access to the Anti-Corruption Authority Standards Handbook.
Open Access
European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State-Building http://www.againstcorruption.eu/ Provides access to the ERCAS’s reports and various materials on anti-corruption.
Open Access
FreeFullPDF http://www.freefullpdf.com Provides access to scientific journals, theses, posters and patents.
Open Access
Global Edge (Michigan State University) http://globaledge.msu.edu/ Provides international business and trade information on over 200 countries, the 50 U.S. states, as well as nearly two dozen industry sectors, and many of the world’s trade blocs. Access appears to be free, but charges may be encountered for advanced material.
Open Access
Global Legal Information Network http://www.glin.gov    Website currently undergoing development (09.12.2013).
Open Access
Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption http://gopacnetwork.org/ Provides access to the publications released by GOPAC.
Open Access
Journals for Free http://www.journals4free.com Provide access to journals in a variety of categories.                  
Open Access
Jurn Search-Engine http://www.jurn.org    Provides access to academic e-journals.
Open Access
Munich University Library http://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de Provides access to research papers of economists.
Open Access
OAPEN Library http://www.oapen.org/home Provides access to academic books, mainly in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Open Access
OECD Library www.oecd-ilibrary.org Provides access to the books, papers and data produced by the OECD.Free Access to read online but subscription needed for downloads. Subscription can be obtained from a regional sales agent and varies in price.
ProQuest Dissertation Publishing http://pqdtopen.proquest.com Provides open access to full-text dissertations and theses.
Open Access
Research Papers in Economics http://repec.org Provides links to Open Access databases.
Open Access
Rock Your Paper http://rockyourpaper.org Provides access to research articles. Requires signing up
Scientific Research Publishing http://www.scirp.org Provides open access to scientific journals.
Open Access
Social Science Research Network http://papers.ssrn.com A database composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences.
Downloads are available for free and without registration, viewing references and subscribing to journals requires signing in.
STATT consulting http://www.statt.net/tag/
A small risk analysis consultancy, focusing on migration crime and corruption issues.
Open Access
Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center http://traccc.gmu.edu/ Provides access to George Mason University’s TraCCC center resources/links on corruption.
Open Access
The London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE Research Online




Offers free access to full-text academic research from the LSE, and stable links to published items not held by LSE Research Online.
Open access
Tools and Resources for Anti-Corruption Knowledge Platform


Provides access to the UNODC’s central platform of TRACK.
Open Access
Transparency International


Provides access to its own research, publications and country information. Open Access
U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre


Offers relevant anti-corruption material, including its own applied research.
Open Access
UNDP Publications


Provides access to the UNDP’s research output and publications.
Open Access
United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute


Provides access to the UNICRI’s electronic resources, bibliographies, tables of contents, full-text articles and publications, etc.
Open Access
University of California, eScholarship


Provides open access publications from the University of California.
Open Access
UNODC Resources 


Provides access to the UNODC on-line legal library, reports, data and analyses, etc., released by the organization.
Open Access
University of Richmond – Law Library


University of Richmond School of Law’s resources for researching various legal topics relating to anti-bribery law in international business.
Open Access
World Bank Publications


Provides access to the World Bank's research output and knowledge products.
Open Access

In-House Resources

Opening hours: On request

Contact: Mr. Khusraw Parwez
Phone: +43 2236 710 718 132

IACA’s in-house library contains print books and other publications from various academic disciplines as well as practice-oriented case studies related to anti-corruption. It is a reference library and its items cannot be checked out of the IACA premises. Special regulations apply for the Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) programme students.

The library also offers a variety of services, including free internet access, computer and reading rooms.

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