Research is a central element of IACA’s mandate and helps to support the organization’s programmes and activities around the world.

By making its research outputs available to a broad audience, IACA intends to position itself as a centre of innovative thinking in anti-corruption and compliance.


Latest Research

IACA professors and researchers conduct original research in the areas of collective action, compliance, and (private sector) anti-corruption with the aim of establishing new benchmarks and practice-oriented approaches.

Overview of Anti-Corruption Compliance Standards and Guidelines

Eduard Ivanov

Does corruption end in the safe heaven: the voice of refugees in the destination country

Iryna Mikhnovets

Inhibiting Factors for Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SMEs) Participation in Anti-Corruption Collective Action. A Case Study of the Malawi SMEs

Ipyana Musopole

Changing Winds and Shifting Sands: Enforcement, a Driver for Corporate Behavioural Transition Towards Compliance, Even in Cases of Voluntary Disclosure

Mallika Mahajan

Master’s Theses

Here we present some some examples of master’s theses by graduates of IACA’s Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) programme for which independent research was conducted.

Assessing the Role of the Anti-Money Laundering Framework in Curbing Corruption of Politically Exposed Persons. A Case Study of Banks in Uganda

Timothy Bacwa

2016 – 2018 Class 


The impact of institutional arrangements for anti-corruption efforts on combating corruption

Maureen Mwalabu

2016 – 2018 Class


The impact of corporate settlements on incentives for international cooperation in multijurisdictional bribery cases

Renato Capanema

2016 – 2018 Class


The Influence of Incentive Structures on Collective Action: The Case of Anti-Corruption Collective Action in Malawi

Ipyana Musopole

2015 – 2017 Class


IACA Library

The IACA library comprises a vast collection of resources covering various subject areas, with a special focus on anti-corruption. It offers print publications as well as access to databases and journals, providing thousands of scholarly articles and resources.

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